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Who we are?

We offer precious jewellery to bring out the diva in you, every day!

Ethereal and chic, Oriana is made to enhance the inherent beauty of today’s women. Our intricately crafted jewellery blends into your wardrobe seamlessly, giving you versatile looks with each outfit and every occasion. Be it your corporate chic outfit for the office or the elegant diva look for your special dinner, our craftsmanship will support your look throughout the day. Choose from our assorted collection of jewellery using myriadmetals and colorful stones that will accentuate your natural beauty and bring that shimmer in your eyes, making you the center of attractionwherever you go.

Beautiful, graceful, vibrant, strong andvaluable, Oriana represents who you are in your many facets. Inspired by the delicate motifs of nature, Oriana has created many timeless designs that would give your look the class and individuality that you seek. Let us assist you to create those iconic looks that many would covet around you!

Oriana comes with the trust and authenticity of GRT Jewellers. Specially created for the woman of today, Oriana’s eleganteveryday jewellery is crafted to suit every budget. We are sure you’ll find jewellery that fits your style, needs and taste. So why wait? Take a look around and find perfect jewels to glam up your college, office or party look! Embrace your golden aura with Oriana!