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Our Exclusive Collections

  • Mayuri

    Peacock is a symbol of beauty. The confluence of colours of its tail feathers creates a sense of vibrant energy and joy, and that is the spirit this range of jewellery captures. It is magnificent and elegant, all at once.


    Let the world dance to your tunes.
    Delicate, mesmerizing and vibrant, a collection that reflects your true beauty.

  • Zeva

    Glittering rubies and shimmering white stones come together to create a mesmerizing world of beauty. Red and white stones are delicately crafted to complement the glow of gold, so that the whole transcends the sum of its parts.


    As sparkling as your personality.
    The serenity of white offset by the vivaciousness of red. The perfect combination.

  • Laya

    A substance transcends its own beauty when it is able to speak to the beauty of other things. Here, silver jewllery is embedded with semi-precious stones to create stunning pieces of jewellery, the fusion making the whole inimitable in its grace.


    Let your style make a statement,
    Designs that are sure to make your heart dance in joy.

  • Elena

    Elena fuses two different aesthetics, merging them into one beautiful language of style. Here, the language of silver is intertwined with that of gold polish, the interplay creating an arresting vision of beauty. The difference in tones make each detail more alluring.


    For beauty that makes the world shine bright.
    Two toned jewellery that adds to your glow.

  • Celebrations

    Glowing with rosy warmth, these jewels have a distinct character that makes them stand out from the very first glance. This blushing silver jewellery range has an elegant and sophisticated look that is simply matchless.


    The beauty of silver reimagined in colours of gold.
    Soft and dainty jewellery that compliments your unique taste.

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  • Grt live

    GRT Live brings you a great way to browse and shop for your favourite jewels. View our collection live, compare and shortlist, ask questions and make your choice ... all through a live video chat session at a convenient time. and place that you choose. Once you are done, we will keep your jewellery packed and ready for you to collect from our showroom. We will even ship it to your address. Experience GRT Live. Experience convenient shopping.


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