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    Gold - 24k - 1g Rs. 5,416.00

    Gold - 22k - 1g Rs. 5,015.00

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  • Tamil Nadu
  • Gold - 24k - 1g Rs. 5,416.00
  • Gold - 22k - 1g Rs. 5,015.00
  • Gold - 18k - 1g Rs. 4,103.00
  • Silver - 1g Rs. 72.50
  • Platinum - 1g Rs. 3,607.00

Silver Smith

"GRT Silversmith," the all new exciting concept of showcasing contemporary, ethnic silver jewellery from all over India and the leading silver fashion capitals of the world comes to you from the house of GRT, Chennai's most trusted 'rasi' jeweller since 1964.


GRT have established a unique 'ageless fashion' identity for the most versatile of metals - silver and dedicated a luxurious 3000 sq. ft. of display space for the emerging 'woman in a hurry' group of shoppers. Silver jewellery lends itself as a fashion accessory to dress up the sober office attire and coupled with the low investment and minimum-security factor is a wonderful 'hit' with the women of today.

GRT Silversmith is located independently, adjacent to GRT JEWELLERS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED. It has two floors of visually pleasing showroom space. The comfort element is the GRT guarantee of superlative customer service and quality in jewellery.

GRT designers have created and reproduced an exclusive range of jewellery to suit every occasion and budget. The range of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets, odiyanams, hair ornaments (traditional and modern), bangles come in pain intricately crafted silver or silver with semi precious stones, beads and minakari work. GRT Silversmith has introduced for the first time in Chennai and perhaps India modern jewellery concepts from leading fashion capitals in the world.

Collections of GRT Silversmith

Collections of GRT SilversmithThe exotic and iridescent 'mother of pearl' collection from Japan pampers the mature discerning woman. The collection features pendant sets, earrings and rings set with iridescent multi hued synthetically created mother of pearl. The feel is totally otherworldly.

Available only at GRT Silversmith is the world famous Murano miniature glass sculptures set in silver crafted specially in Murano, Italy. The Silvia collection from Italy is a trendy range of bracelets, chains and anklets in silver adorned with multi color beads and is a must have fashion accessory for young teens. The Taarash collection features contemporary chic jewellery in clean, simple elegant lines that makes an ideal fashion statement with western and indo western attire.

Some Unusual Collections

 GRT Silversmith offers unusual collections made from glass, jute, ceramic, beads, handmade silver, stainless steel and other unique materials. The traditional collections like Temple jewellery and Antique finished jewellery are an integral part of the ‘ageless fashion’ ranges.

GRT Silversmith carries a line of exclusive silver gift options, finely crafted gift ideas for the corporate desk and wall spaces, elegant homes and for overseas travel.