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The Jewellery that captures one thousand years in gold! is inspired by the regal ornaments adorned by ladies of the Chola dynasty!

Inspired by Goddess Lakshmi, the symmetrical motif on these gold-plated earrings studded with beguiling rubies pays a befitting tribute to the divine.

At the epicentre of the traditional and the modern era lie these dangler earrings in pure yellow gold with baroque foliage patterns.

Embrace the divine powers with this traditional pair of glittering gold earrings that pay homage to Lord Krishna's fondness for breaking pots of butter.

These authentic gold jhumka earrings adorned with oval-shaped glittering rubies reflect the radiance of our rich cultural tapestry.

An abstract depiction of Lord Krishna, this traditional gold earring set is accentuated with intricate cutouts that give it an elegant look.

With delicately intricate designs of drizzled honey forged from precious gold, this ` set is a treat to the eye.

Goddess Lakshmi adds ethereal charm to this traditional bangle set wrought in yellow gold and adorned with radiant rubies.

The finest gold meanders and curves its way in this bold cuff bangle with a lot of textured detailing, pairing up perfectly with traditional wear.

This royal necklace with a golden finish and a crescent panel spotlighting our Indian heritage has a divine charm to it, making you feel like a celestial being.